The Gratitude Dance


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Gratitude Video

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Gratitude 6-16-08

Gratitude is the attitude of today.

Thank you for my wonderful home, the money that flows to me easily and effortlessly, wealth, being a money magnet, CD, CD, CD what a guy, Marc, Patrick, Friends like Kelley, Topanga, California, the perfect weather, my yard and garden our edibles flourishing, abundance, love, joy, my perfect body and perfect health, my perfect skin and hair, my youth, fear because it shows me that I am not focusing on what I want, my feelings, GOD, my computer, my car, my girlfriends, my brain, my perfect skin, my heart, my home thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Money Flows Effortless in an Avalanche of Abundance to Me

Wow, this stuff really works. I have been flowing my energy and being wealthy from the inside out and guess what that is exactly what is happening. I am a money magnet. So much so that the more I spend the more I make. When I think I want something it manifests itself into my life instantaniously.

What am I doing? I have changed how I look at myself and my life. I decided that I want to be a certain person that is successful, wealthy, has loving incredible relationships, joy, abundance, connected to spirit and god. Then I just decided that I was going to be that person every minute of everyday of my life. Next I began to get up a 1/2 hour earlier than usual and I started to walk and talk to myself. First I started to say something that I learned from A. Robbins.

Now this isn’t religious to me it is only speaking to my higher power, the earth’s higher power, the energy that is in our lives and on this earth. The universal force that surround us and help us to manifest. What do I say? “God’s (the universes’ spirit, earth’s…) wealth powerfully circulates in my life. His wealth easily flows to me in an avalanche of abundance. All of my goals, wants, desires, needs are met instantaneously. I am one with God and God is everything.”

Boy by saying this out loud I began to really increase my vibration. I can feel my body vibrating at a higher more intense level. The vibration is all encompassing and at a cellular level so that my DNA changes. I can feel it. Believe me this works. Then on my way back from my hike I would just talk out loud to myself or pretend I was talking to a friend about how money is flowing to me easily and effortlessly. I just received a check for $200,000. Even better all of my bills are paid easily and effortlessly each and every month.

I always have more money than I need. My bank account is overflowing with money. Guess what. My bank account is truly overflowing with money. All of my bills are easily and effortlessly paid early every month. I actually like paying my bills. And the more I spend the more I make. So after I pay my bills I ad them up and the multiply by 10. Next I begin to look for that amount to manifest in my life. And it does. For example, if my bills this month are $1000 then I multiply that by 10 to get $10,000. I look for $10,000 to manifest in my life.

Remember too that that $10,000 may not necessarily be in the form of cash. It can be free clothes, or winning the lotto. I had a big tax bill that I didn’t know how I was going to pay. This year I received money back on my taxes that completely paid the tax bill that I didn’t know how I was going to pay.

This is like when you were a kid and you played house. You pretended to be the mommy or the daddy. You truly believed in that moment that you were the mommy or the daddy. But as an adult you must believe it the rest of your life if that is really what you want. One word of caution. Be clear on what you want because you will manifest it as long as you believe it and you become it.

Try it, it is really fun. Get to a place where you are having so much fun and you are in so much joy and love that your body is vibrating at an intense level. You will know when this happens. Then ask the universe for what you want. Then forget about it. Don’t look for it, be it. Because it has already manifested. The second you look for it or become impatient you chase it away. Just be it and know it.

Then take action steps toward that new person. That is actually the magical thing about this. Is that you begin to have inspirations or ideas to do something that you may not have thought of before. If this happens do it. This is the path to manifesting your dreams. The inspirations will come fast and you don’t have to know how you will make this happen, just follow the inspiration and the universe will move you forward toward what you want.

For example, if you have an inspiration to plant a garden, do it. Don’t question it just do it. If you asked to be a millionaire don’t think about how this will happen just follow the inspirations that you have. The minute you think about or worry about how will achieve your want or desire then you chased it away. But don’t worry you can attract it again and again. Just go out and walk and talk to yourself out loud and get to the high vibration that you achieved. Stay there, don’t question or worry just be there in that joy.

Don’t get me wrong I believe that you must take action to achieve your dreams. You can’t just walk all day and talk. You must reach out and take action and actually be that person in your life. If that is a millionaire then start to move forward to being a millionaire. If you don’t know how to do that don’t worry you will be inspired into action. You must take that action though. Sitting around and waiting will get you more sitting around and waiting.

Good luck have fun. Be what and whoever you want.

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Accoplishments so Far for 2008

A quick post. I am going to keep track of my manifestations so that I can see how I am doing. One of the things that I wanted on my original list was for a great healthy relationship with the man that I have been seeing. He didn’t want to be serious in the beginning and this through me for a loop. I became needy and crazy. The more I needed him to want me and to love me the more I pushed him away.

Finally, I felt so humiliated with myself and how I was persuing him and so fed up with him running away that I was going to break up with him. Out of this two things happened, I reclaimed my power for myself and looked at my life to see what really mattered to me in this situation. One thing was self respect. No relationship is worth sacrificing self respect. I also decided I can’t make this man love me, but I can love and appreciate him unconditionally.

Sounds confusing huh. Break up but love and appreciate him no matter what. Yes that is it. I realized all of the things that I love about him and appreciate about him. I wasn’t angry with him, I wanted to break up with him because it was best for me for my plan for the year 2008, to find a man who wants to love and have a serious loving relationship etc. See my post about this at

Wow to my surprise this man did a 180 degree turn. It was incredible. I didn’t even get to break up with him. It was like he knew I was going to break up with him. I think by me separating myself from desperation for needing him and me being my true self he fell in love. I don’t know. I won’t analyze it. But I want to say we are so in love and he is so in love with me. I appreciate him every day and bless him every day. We work together, play together, have awesome sex. That is really one of the reasons I didn’t want to break up with him I didn’t want to lose the best sex of my life.

We are also rapidly becoming best friends. Our relationship is filled with love, admiration, partnership, friendship, respect, beauty, joy… Wow as I sit here and write this I realize how lucky and greatful I am to have this man in my life. Thank you CD for being the great man you are. All of my love to you.

Peace and blessings to everyone. Love yourself first then love someone. Needing someone only pushes them away and that is one of the keys to allowing. When you need you are not allowing. Let go and love you. Be happy with you and your life as you. Live in true joy. Live in your heart. Live in gratitude every day. Even if it means that you are greatful for Motrin today and that is as far as it goes. Be greatful for that. Your dreams will come true. There are 3 Lovely Ladies making their dreams come true every day. I will write about them them here. The law of attraction and creating is real. You create your life. Look around you, you created all of it bad and good. How did you create the good?

Just because your friends and family may not believe it doesn’t mean that you follow. Be true to your heart it will show you, love, joy, laughter… Listen to that inner voice it guides you and just know that the universe is percect. If a relationship doesn’t work out then that means there is a better one seeking you out. Trust in the universe and yourself. How many times have you dated, broken up and then looked back and realized wow I am so lucky that I didn’t stay with that one. My life would have been wrecked if I married that one, thank goodness he broke up with me.

Life is meant to be fun, try not to take it so seriously, have fun. LIFE IS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peace and blessings

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My Mission for 2008

The 3 Lovely Ladies are back together again. Wow. What a story. I can’t tell it now but let me tell you this manifesting stuff really works. Especially if you are in a group that is vibrating with high energy, love and gratitude.

Our group started in Oct of 2006. We created a mission statement of what we wanted to manifest for our lives. All of our dreams came true. But this broke the group up because one of it’s members dreams was to move to England, another had a baby and the other found a job that kept her busy. All of our dreams came true. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So for about 6 months we didn’t meet. Now we are ready to meet again. We found a way to meet long distance again. Of course technology is genius. So I would like to extend my gratitude for technology and all of the genius’ out there in the world who are connecting us world wide. No longer is there an excuse not to stay in touch. Another Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So what this is really, is my mission for 2008. I know that I already wrote one it is at  But I am doing it again for our group now that we are back together.  Wow the universe works in great ways.  Plus I have attracted some things that were on my list. LIFE IS FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am going to write this in the I have as if I already have it. Because when I come from I want I feel like I am coming from lack and need. But when I come from I have and I already have all of the things that I want I am coming from abundance and power. I believe that when we come from lack then we aren’t allowing. To allow we must come from a place of peace, and knowingness. Love and gratitude. Then we let the universe in. The universe knows what we want we only need to be in an allowing frequence to let it all in.

Try it for yourself.  Say I want…… then say I have…… How do they feel?

This is my list for this session with the 3 Lovely Ladies:

-Thank you – I make $200,000 per year after taxes with my own business helping others realize their dreams and making the world a better, healthier more beautiful place.

-CD and I are both working together successfully creating incredible wealth and building a real estate empire.

-I am married to the man of my dreams the man that is in my life. (This is one of my manifesting successes for this year. If you look at my original list for love my man you will read where I wanted him. He is so in love with me. What a man. He is the best guy in the world and he makes me feel so special and loved. Thank you CD, I love you. I accomplished this through true unconditional love and gratitude for this man and for my life with or without him. I will write about it later.) Thank you, thank you. Let me tell you life is good.

-I am pregnant with our child. Thank you for my beautiful child with my wonderful, handsome, strong, loving, generous husband.

-I have a new Mercedes Blutec diesel with bio-diesel tanks in my driveway. Wow life is good. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

-I enjoy perfect health and fitness, perfect body. Thank you, My heart is flooding with gratitude and love for my perfect life.

-I enjoy powerful spirituality and am always connected to god, my spirit, life force, mother nature. Oh thank you, god, mother nature, spirit, life, my life.

-I enjoy healthy, loving relationships with my friends and family, thank you.

-I have plenty of free time with my new family, thank you.

Thank you. I have so much love and gratitude in my life for the perfection of my life. Each morning and each evening I express my gratitude. I started carrying a gratitude journal how awesome. I love it. Through out the day I will write down what I am greatful for. Not only does it remind me how wealthy and lucky I am but that realization puts me into joy and love. Even if I am in a bad mood it helps to elevate me to a higher consciousness and vibration.

Thank you, love and gratitude to all.

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Action Steps Toward My Goals


  • Name for Biz


  • Have a talk with CD about relationship to move it forward or just be friends
  • Ahhhh!!!!!


  • Hike 4 times per week
  • Yoga 2 times per week
  • 20 minutes of pilates or ball 2 times per week


  • Meditate 4 times per week
  • Visualize 4 times per week as if it has already happened
  • Gratitude

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My Beliefs About the Things I Want


  • I don’t have enough
  • I will never have enough
  • How can I make enough
  • Taxes oh my god how will I ever pay all of my taxes now I am just going to get buried
  • I can’t afford it even food, clothing the necessities
  • Manage what is manage my money?
  • I don’t deserve it
  • I’m not good enough of a person
  • Anything above what I have seems impossible to make I have never had more than that.


  • I am not good enough
  • Why does he like me?
  • What if he finds out how horrible I really am?
  • Why would he want to stay with me?
  • He might cheat on me
  • Men are cheaters
  • Men are dogs
  • Relationships don’t last
  • Relationships are abuse


  • It will never pay off
  • I will never have the body I want
  • I have gone this far it won’t work
  • I am too tired
  • I will have to workout for 2 hours or more to have what I want
  • Health is essential for well being
  • Health is essential for energy
  • Health is essential for self esteem
  • Healthy is essential for true beauty


  • Essential for true beauty
  • Essential for true joy and love
  • Essential for knowing my purpose and doing what I am meant to do hear on earth
  • Essential to be connected to spirit/source and god
  • Essential for life

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What I Mostly Think This Week 2

1b4i3z9tfaaeb4wtq0kpgvx4blarge.jpgHmmm what I mostly think this week is oh fuck my taxes how will I ever have enough money to pay for them to pay my bills to have the things I want, oh panic anything over what I have made is out of reach. I can never afford a new car oh my god my car the tires the blinker the back window gussles gas oh what will I do my credit sucks how will I ever buy myself a new car? Fear, fear, fear old tapes.

Then today anything is possible life is fantastic, the universe always provides for me. I always have more than I need there is so much opportunity I am so lucky I have the best man in the world I am sure of him and it is just a matter of time I feel bound to him connected to god my spirit love is overflowing from my heart and all is well. I love life. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Synergy. Wow!!!!!!!


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Thank You

Thank you for:

Love, life, Santa Monica, Sun, Peace, Health, Sabrina, CD, Charlie, Money, my perfect body, my care, my home, Marc, work, my successful career, tables, my computer, parking spots, alanda, jane, eli, wild oats, success, tons of money that circulates everyday around the world, the world, counties of the world, traditions, celebrations, men the millions of beautiful men, seal – sizzle, my perfect genes and perfect cells, cookies, the ability to be able to change my thoughts and beliefs, the ability to create my life, the law of attraction.

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